The Silver (Lin)ing

Since the regular season is over for Jeremy, we take an early look at his season personal statistics. Again using the ESPN Player Efficiency Rating (PER) mentioned in previous posts, Jeremy is currently ranked 10th amongst point guards and 37th overall in the league with a PER of 19.94. The point guard ranking is unlikely to change at all, while the NBA overall ranking should not waver by more than 4 positions in either direction as the few remaining games should have low impact on average PER for other players going forward. The two figures below compare the distribution of point guards and all players in the league, with the blue bar representing the bucket that Jeremy falls in.

While regressed from his Linsanity start, Jeremy ends the season with strong support that he not only belongs in the best basketball league in the world, but as one of the better starting point guards.

In the past two months, we’ve seen Jeremy demonstrate feats of strength, speed, skill, toughness both mental and physical, and leadership. We’ve also seen his opponents rising up to meet him by adapting to his style and playing harder than they have all season just so that they won’t get “showed up by the rookie”. As his opponents adapt to “Linsanity”, Jeremy has also broadened his array of weapons in the more recent weeks, as he is forced to drive to the basket from the left side, taken awkward jumpers against suffocating defense, fouled hard at almost every game, and become better at handling the ball against aggressive defenders looking to force turnovers. While six weeks may seem like a lifetime for true fans, the best of Jeremy Lin is still in the making.

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