All Star Weekend 2013


Although Jeremy won’t be part of the main event of All-Star weekend despite his 600,000 votes, we still have a chance to see him in the Skills Challenge. Along side Jeremy are:

  • Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs [Defending champion]
  • Jrue Holiday of the Philadelphia 76ers
  • Brandon Knight of the Detroit Pistons
  • Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers
  • Jeff Teague of the Atlanta Hawks

Three players representing the Western Conference and three players representing the Eastern Conference will compete in the two-round competition. The two competitors with the fastest times from their respective conferences in the Team Round advance to the Championship Round.

Elsewhere in Houston (both now and next week) are Chandler Parsons as part of Team Shaq in the Rising Stars Challenge and James Harden as a reserve for the of the main event All-Star gaming representing the Western Conference. Good luck to all the Rockets next week!

All contests will be broadcast nationally on TNT.

Friday, Feb 15th
9:00 PM ET – Rising Stars Challenge

Saturday, Feb 16th
8:30 PM ET – Shooting Stars, Skills Challenge, 3-Point Contest, then Slam Dunk Contest

Sunday, Feb 17th
8:00 PM ET – All-Star Game

Game On 2012 – 2013

Yesterday was the first games of the 2012 – 2013 NBA season, but tonight will be the first game for the Houston Rockets. They will be playing away against the Detroit Pistons at 7:30 ET and will be televised locally.

Here’s a video to get you pumped up for the season:

*Update*: Rockets win their season opener 105-96 over the Pistons. James Harden clearly stole the show with 37 points, 12 assists, and 4 steals, but Jeremy showed his value by adding 12 points, 8 assists, and 4 steals himself.

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The Preseason

First game of the preseason began against the Western Conference Champions, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Jeremy played for 20 minutes, attempting the least number of shots among the Rockets starters (1-3), but contributed primarily through 6 assists and 3 steals. Rockets bench would eventually take over and win the game 107-105.


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Deep Bench, Big Win

Cavaliers – 103 vs. Knicks – 120

Despite being down by as much as 17 points, the Knicks had a strong second half performance, with contributions across their entire roster. 10 Knicks players had 15 or more minutes while 7 players scored in double digits. This is the most the Knicks have scored in a single game all season. Jeremy dueled against this year’s #1 draft pick, Kyrie Irving, at the point guard position.

Jeremy recorded his 4th double-double performance with 19 points and 13 assists (along with 5 rebounds and 1 steal). He also only turned the ball over once the entire game while playing for 33 minutes.

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Too Much Heat

Knicks – 88 vs. Heat – 102

While the Knicks have been climbing the ranks since Jeremy’s debut in few short weeks ago, the Miami Heat showed the world why they were the top ranked team in the NBA. Showing tremendous athleticism and skill, the three Heat all-stars of James, Wade, and Bosh each scored at least 20 points and denied any of the Knicks players from doing the same. Jeremy was the target of much of their hard defense, as he shot only 1-11 from the field and had 8 turnovers. After such a heavy dose of physical and psychological pressure since his debut, ending with his worst game as a starter, the impending All-Star break is likely welcomed time off for Jeremy.

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Knicks Dispatch Hawks By Halftime

Knicks – 99 vs. Hawks – 82

A much needed decisive win for the Knicks as they were able to rest their starters for the tough match up tomorrow against against the Miami Heat. Carmelo Anthony had a far better showing, who scored 15 points and added 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, and 1 block in a relatively short night for the starters. The Knicks distributed the ball well and had 5 players scoring in double digits, leading by as much as 30 points early in the 3rd quarter.

Jeremy recorded 17 points on 6-11 shooting, 9 assists, 2 rebounds, and 2 steals in 32 minutes.

Nets Flip the Table Over Knicks in Rematch

Tough loss for the Knicks as they fall to another underachieving team, Nets – 100 vs. Knicks – 92.

Deron Williams of the Nets was the clear star on the court with 38 points and shooting 8-14 from beyond the arc. The strong defense of Iman Shumpert was sorely missed as he sat the game with a minor injury (left knee). Tyson Chandler did very well while he was on the floor, but has been ailing from a noticeable wrist injury, that might have contributed to his early foul trouble. Jeremy was able to keep his turnovers down this game (3), but there was clearly a change in flow to the Knicks team with the recent additions of Anthony, Davis, and Smith.

Jeremy ended the game with 21 points, 9 assists, 7 rebounds (career high), and 4 steals.

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Back in the Saddle

The Knicks defeat the Mavericks 104 – 97, in another stellar night for Jeremy. He played almost the entirety of the game and contributed in every way on the stat sheet and showed no sign of being fazed by the loss from two days ago. The Mavericks had the best record of all the teams the Knicks have faced in their past 9 games and were coming off of a 6 game win streak. The game was considered another hurdle for Jeremy as he was covered defensively by Shawn Marion, one of the best defenders in the league, who has given many star point guards trouble this season. He ended the night with 28 points, 4 rebounds, 14 assists (career high), 5 steals (career high), and 1 block on nearly 46 minutes of play.

This is the Knicks 8th win out of 9 games in the Linsanity era.

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A Lintermission to Linsanity

The Knicks had their win streak ended by the most unlikely of opponents, as the New Orleans Hornets defeated the Knicks, 89-85. Jeremy struggled in the first half with 8 turnovers, but would end up with only 1 more turnover for the rest of the game, while recording 26 points, 5 assists, and 4 steals in the loss. The Knicks shot poorly  in terms of freethrows (65.5%) and 3-pointers (16.7%), which dug a deficit of up to 14 points in the 2nd quarter that became too great to overcome later.

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Victory 7 and Assist Career High

Knicks cruise to their 7th straight win, 100-85, against the lackluster Kings.  The Knicks were able to bench their starters early, which gave Jeremy some much needed rest after back-to-back games, but won’t fuel Linsanity quite as much with relatively less points scored for the night. That being said, Jeremy set another career high record of 13 assists in a single game in only 26 minutes of play. Along with the assists, he records his 3rd double-double with 10 points on 4-6 shooting.

7 Knicks players scored in the double digits as the ball was well distributed and organized on offense.

One of many alley-oop passes from Jeremy to his teammates:

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